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Generic order fields

An order tracks the progress of a chargeable action.

Object field description

These fields are common to all orders.


Read only

The canonical URL of this resource in the API


Read only

The ID of this object. It is currently a UUID but do not make assumptions about its format, treat it as an opaque identifier.


A the current order state. Valid values are;

  • pending
  • started
  • processing
  • needs_payment
  • pending_approval
  • completed
  • failed

The valid state transitions are as follows;

  • pending is an entry state
  • started is an entry state
  • from pending
    • to started
    • to failed
  • from started
    • to processing
    • to needs_payment
    • to failed
  • from needs_payment
    • to processing
    • to failed
  • from processing
    • to pending_approval
    • to completed
    • to failed
  • from pending_approval
    • to completed
    • to failed
  • completed is a terminal state
  • failed is a terminal state

Can only be updated by an API call in the pending state. Will automatically be set to started for orders created with the API.


Read only, nullable

The page to redirect a user to in case interactivity is required.


Read only, nullable

The last error encountered whilst registering the domain. If in the failed state, this is the reason for failure.


Read only

The cost associated with this order, in GBP.


Write once

If true then a user isn't present to handle interactive tasks, and redirect_uri will never be set, if false the opposite is true.

Defaults to true.

Last update: July 24, 2020