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Pricing explained


This is the price paid per year of validity of a domain. For example if you want to buy for 5 years you'll pay 5 times the (example) yearly price of 10 AwesomeBucks, being 50 AwesomeBucks.


This is the price you'll pay to renew the domain after registration, which usually happens automatically shortly before it expires, renewing for one year. Longer extensions can be purchased manually though the control panel, priced in the same way as registration fees.


This is the full price you'll pay to transfer domains to us, which usually includes renewal by a year. Sometimes it is free to transfer, such as in the case of .ch and .li who do not renew on transfer.


This is the price to restore a domain after it has been deleted, or after it has expired without renewal. Additionally a year's will often have to be purchased.

Last update: October 22, 2020