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Registry lock

Registry lock is an additional service we offer to ensure absolute security of business critical domain names.


Registry lock is currently in a closed beta, so isn't available for most customers.

Supported authenticators

Registry lock is authenticated by WebAuthN public key credentials. We recommend using a different authenticator for your domain(s) than for logging into your SSO account.

We restrict which authenticators can be used for registry lock to ensure the upmost security of domains. The below list is what authenticators we support. It may be expanded in the future subject to security checks.

  • Apple Passkeys in iCloud Keychain (FaceID/TouchID)
  • Android platform authenticators with an intact SafetyNet
  • FIDO2 keys possessing FIDO Alliance certification level 1 or higher
  • U2F keys possessing FIDO Alliance certification level 1 or higher

Keys which cannot attest to their security or are attested by an anonymization CA will not be accepted. Additionally, keys which cannot perform user verification (via PIN, biometrics, etc.) will not be supported.

Supported TLDs

Only a few TLDs support registry lock, and of those we're only onboarded for registry lock in the below TLDs.

Afilias TLDs

  • .ac
  • .archi
  • .bet
  • .bio
  • .black
  • .blue
  • .college
  • .global
  • .green
  • .info
  • .io
  • .kim
  • .lgbt
  • .llc
  • .loto
  • .mobile
  • .organic
  • .pet
  • .pink
  • .poker
  • .pro
  • .promo
  • .red
  • .sh
  • .shiksha
  • .ski
  • .vote
  • .voto

Verisign TLDs

  • .cc
  • .com
  • .name
  • .net
  • .tv


  • .ch
  • .li

CentralNIC TLDs

  • .art
  • .bar
  • .design
  • .fm
  • .ink
  • .love
  • .protection
  • .rent
  • .rest
  • .security
  • .storage
  • .theatre
  • .tickets
  • .wiki
  • .xyz

dotMe TLDs

  • .me

Last update: July 19, 2021