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HexDNS Overview

The HexDNS control panel can be accessed at

Get started here


For the first X zones Price per zone per month
3 0.00 GBP
Above 3 1.00 GBP

Plus EU VAT where applicable.

Supported record types

  • A
  • AAAA
  • ANAME (often called ALIAS)
  • MX
  • NS
  • TXT
  • SRV
  • CAA
  • DS
  • LOC
  • RP

Address records

A and AAAA records are both stored as Address record types in the control panel, and the server will server the IPv4 or IPv6 records as requested by the client.

Automatically server PTR records? WTF?

See reverse DNS

Other features

Last update: March 16, 2021