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Getting started

You've just got your ASN from us; great! But where next?

RIPE Database

The primary way for you to manage your internet resources is through the RIPE database. Here you can create objects which define your routing procedure etc, defined in a language called RPSL. The most important one to create is a route / route6 for your new ASN. This tells other networks that your ASN will originate your prefix.

The RIPE DB can be accessed at The first time you go to manage resources you'll need to create a RIPE NCC Access account. This is completely free of charge.

More training on the RIPE DB is available on the RIPE academy.

Below are some example useful/important DB objects;


route6: 2a0e:1cc1::/48
origin: AS207960
mnt-by: AS207960-MNT
org: ORG-AC192-RIPE
source: RIPE


Use this object to configure reverse DNS on your prefix.

HexDNS supports reverse zones if you'd like to use it for your prefix. Drop us an email at and we'll set it up for you. If you're using HexDNS please set zone-c to AN31887-RIPE.

admin-c: AN31887-RIPE
tech-c: AN31887-RIPE
zone-c: AN31887-RIPE
ds-data: 6687 13 2 ...
mnt-by: AS207960-MNT
org: ORG-AC192-RIPE
source: RIPE


We offer two options for RPKI; we can either setup RPKI for you, running on our RPKI infrastructure. You'll need to email us for every update to ROAs. We can also create a delegation from our server to your RPKI CA. You'll be able to use our server as a publication repository, so you won't have to run that yourself if you don't have one already.

We strongly recommend that you configure RPKI to ensure the security of your announcements.

Hosted RPKI

Email us at with the details of ROAs to be created/updated/deleted. Please include the origin ASN, prefix, and max announcement length in your request. You'll also need to authenticate your ticket to your SSO account to ensure the security of RPKI.

Delegated RPKI

Email us at with your RFC8183 child_request message. We'll supply an RFC8183 parent_response for you to input into your RPKI CA. You'll also need to authenticate your ticket to your SSO account to ensure the security of RPKI.

If you'd like to use our publication reposity we'll also need your RFC8183 publisher_request. We'll supply an RFC8183 reposity_response.

Your child_request should look something like the below;

<child_request xmlns="" version="1" child_handle="Bob">

and your publisher_request should look like the below;

<publisher_request xmlns="" version="1" tag="A0001" publisher_handle="Bob">


Whilst we don't offer VMs ourselves, our good friends over at iFog offer VMs with IXP access links. These are a great way to get a feel for how an IXP works without the large cost of physically connecting to an IXP.

Order yours here; from 9CHF a month.



Internet Exchange Point - A neutral networking place over which many networks can peer.


Resource Public Key Infrastructure - Cryptographic security for BGP announcements.


Route Origin Authorization - RPKI objects that state which ASN is allowed to announce which prefix.

Last update: July 15, 2021