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Glauca now supports Passkeys to make your account more secure, and to make logging in an easier process.

What is a Passkey?

Passkeys are a new way to sign into apps and websites. Passkeys will let you sign into Glauca the same way you unlock your phone or computer, with a fingerprint, face, or your screen lock PIN.

Passkeys are a industry standard, and are designed to be more secure than passwords. Your access to Glauca is cryptographically tied to your device, removing the need for a password.

For more info about Passkeys and how they work, please visit the help page of your browser or device.

How do I login with a Passkey?

When you sign into Glauca, you'll enter your username and then be prompted to either use your Passkey, or to enter your password (if you have one configured).

If you choose to use your Passkey, that's it! You're in.

If you choose to enter your password, you may be prompted to enter a Two Factor code or to use your security key to confirm the login.

How do I enable a Passkey?

Go to your account settings to configure Passkeys. Click "Set up Security Key" under "Passwordless", and follow your device's instructions to set up your Passkey.

What's the difference between a Passkey and a Security Key?

If you setup your Security Key as a Passkey under "Passwordless" in your account then you won't need to enter a password to sign in. If you setup your Security Key under "Two-factor Authentication" then you'll need to enter your password and then use your Security Key to sign in.

You also have the option to use TOTP codes (Time-based One Time Password) as a second factor in addition to your Security Key.

I created my account before Passkeys were available, how do I remove my password?

If you created your account before Passkeys were available, you can remove your password by filling a support ticket after setting up a Passkey. We'll remove your password after going through the implications.

Last update: February 23, 2024